It was based on Psalm 67:1-2: “May God be gracious to us, bless us and make His face shine upon us; that Your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.”

These verses along with several others make it clear that God has blessed us (that includes you) for the purpose of making His name great among the nations. That morning we were asked the question – ‘Have you disconnected God’s blessings from His purpose?’

You can listen to David Platt address this idea right here.

And so we started our journey to answer that question. It didnʼt take long to realize we had missed it.

For most of our Christian lives we were living under the assumption that God had blessed us (materially/spiritually) for our benefit and for our comfort…a Christian spin on the American dream if you will. And as long as we said our prayers, went to church, tithed and lived a normal Christian life, we were good.

But as we traveled, we were awakened by orphans in Ukraine, persecuted brothers in Sudan, and the unreached in India. It was during those times that we knew we were made for more. And so we prayed. And God answered.

It was in 2007 when God made it clear we were going to support and encourage the local church working in the most difficult areas of the world.

In 2008 a friend approached us and said that God had made it clear he was supposed to financially back a ministry we were going to start. And later that year we found ourselves in Sudan praying over children who were dying of diarrhea for one simple reason – they didnʼt have clean water to drink.
Thatʼs how Neverthirst was born.

We knew at that point that God wanted to use Neverthirst to support and encourage the local church through clean water.

This is our story and we want to make it clear that itʼs not about us. We serve a God who desires to awaken a passion for His glory among the nations and we, the church, are privileged to be used in this amazing story. You can be a part of this story by praying, going, advocating or giving – join us.


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