Jim Cavale and Iron Tribe Fitness Lead The Small Business Marketing Evolution by Rieva Lesonsky

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Another entrepreneur who has experienced the rapidly evolving marketing environment is Jim Cavale, the COO of Iron Tribe Fitness (pictured above), a franchiser of gyms. Iron Tribe, which won the Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer award last year, was launched by Forrest Walden in 2010 with a single location and today boasts 41 franchises. The company is on track to reach 300 units by 2017. Cavale opened the second gym and then teamed with Walden to launch the franchise.

In the beginning Iron Tribe’s primarily used offline marketing, with about 88 percent of potential customers walking into the gym after seeing an ad. In an enormous shift, last year, Cavale says, 88 percent of its customers came from online leads. Email marketing is a more effective tool now for Iron Tribe, and Cavale attributes that to Infusionsoft’s system which automates a good portion of the process.

Cavale’s also noted that SEO is not giving Iron Tribe the return it once did. Today the company is much more active on social media. YouTube has proved very successful for Iron Tribe, as well as Google Local, which Cavale calls very “affordable.” A lot of potential customers check the reviews on Google Local before they come in. Each Iron Tribe has a Facebook “fan page” and all locations use Twitter for customer service and support. Cavale says they actually sold a franchise from a Twitter connection.


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