Stronger Together – How WOD For Warriors will make an impact on Memorial Day 2013…

Many of you know about the Iron Tribe brand that our team is working so diligently to build.

However, you may or may not know how extensive our purpose in building this brand really is…

We really do aspire to use our brand to make an impact on the world as a whole, and we dial that desire in through our mission, vision and core values, which are all carried out through each of our gyms that are now opened or opening in 10 different states… and counting…!

That being said, one of our five core values is Giving Back, which for us, is sourced in Psalm 67:1 where we pray “May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us…”

That’s an easy prayer we all love to pray. We all want to be blessed, right? For Iron Tribe, we have been so very blessed. It’s an honor to wake up every day and be able to serve others with life transformations of all types.

However, Psalm 67:2 goes on to say “so that your ways be known on earth, your saving power among all nations.”

There is indeed a purpose that we are called to fulfill through God’s blessings to us. We are called to Bless Others.

This core value is at the center of not only Iron Tribe’s brand and our vast team of coaches and franchisees, but it also lives at the heartbeat of both my CEO Forrest Walden and I.

It’s why Iron Tribe exists and it’s why we thrive on growth opportunities. It’s why we aspire and desire to bless others through two main initiatives we have founded.

Here is the story of one of those.

In 2011, I linked up with an old friend in Mike Erwin, who had started a non-profit to support our troops and their families, called Team Red White Blue (Team RWB).

We decided that one way to leverage our then two gyms of clients, to give back, would be an event that could leverage our fitness passions to support an awesome organization like Team RWB in a one day blowout event (just two years later, have 50+ Iron Tribe gyms opened or opening in 2013/14).

This gave birth to what we call WOD For Warriors and it raised $28K in the inaugural event we held in 2011 along with just under $40K raised in 2012’s second event that we ran on Memorial Day.

What might be even more compelling, is the fact that Team RWB took the event international with us, to empower gyms all around the world to run this event that we have created, raising six figures and beyond on Memorial Day 2012!

To give toward this year’s event is as simple visiting this link.

This year, we will run it in Nashville and Birmingham, with more than 1,000 of our clients participating and/or supporting the cause. Our goal is to raise more than $50K in one day.

And who knows, as we open up Iron Tribe gyms later this year, in new markets like Denver, Austin, Charlotte, Atlanta, Kansas City, and so many others… How big will next year’s event be?

I am writing you, because I’d love for you to help our tribe of athletes and staff, raise our $50K goal and beyond for this year’s event with Team RWB.

To give is as simple visiting this link.

So many men and women are sacrificing themselves for us today and every day, so that we can live in this amazing country where we are ALL wealthier than most of the entire world out there.

This is a chance to take that blessing and give back together, toward a cause that supports these folks and really gives them a chance to recover physically, psychologically and beyond.

Read this message I received from Team RWB earlier this week, that sums up this supporting purpose and effort really well.

Memorial Day is a day specifically set aside by Congress to recognize those in our country’s past who gave what President Abraham Lincoln called the “Last full measure of Devotion”.  This is a daunting task, honoring such sacrifice, how do we do this appropriately? Adequately?  How does a 1 hour “WOD for Warriors” make a difference?  

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, even Marines, all have fears, especially in combat.  A little known fact is that for most, death isn’t even in the top two.  What they fear most is failing their buddy – they would much rather fall themselves then fail their brothers and sisters.  The second fear is that if they do die well, doing a job they love for a country they cherish, that their sacrifice may somehow be forgotten.  
Memorial Day’s “WOD For Warriors” event is about us saying no, that fear will NEVER be realized.  

The power of this event lies within the idea that you are committing yourself to this workout on behalf of their memories, whether your giving and/or participating in it.  If you are participating, let the workout belong to the men and women who fought and died for this country, and for them alone.  Let this be a statement of our commitment to never forget, and the promise to appreciate what we have, what it truly cost, and how precious that is.  

Strong words from the folks at Team RWB. Serious words too. Mike Erwin and I then sat down for a Skype interview about this event and Team RWB’s true purpose.

At Iron Tribe, one of our tag lines is Stronger Together. While this is evident in our daily group workouts and community events, it’s events like WOD For Warriors that truly leverage “the power of the group” to do things that are so much bigger than ANY individual.

Please join this group.

Click here to donate toward the cause and help the people who sacrifice for our freedom.


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