I just finished reading [and then listening] to the book “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years”, by Donald Miller, the New York Times Bestselling Author of his memoirs “Blue Like Jazz.”

Whether you know it or not, the power of your story can be something very special. Getting to unlock it and become comfortable with telling it, however, is a big challenge that most people simply cannot overcome.

Ironically, the main principal that makes up a great story, is “overcoming conflict”, so my best advice from reading and then listening to this Donald Miller classic, overcome your fear of telling your story and instead, use it as a tool to engage with new friends or even develop a bigger network for your business.

Miller’s journey goes from figuring out how to tell his story in an interesting plot that people would care enough about to listen to… To instead, editing his own story (basically, editing his life!) so that it is simply more interesting altogether.

I remember sitting at The Sky Bar in Los Angeles in 2006, just after graduating college, and meeting an executive from Sony Pictures.

He had a private table and I somehow finagled my way to sit with him and his guests. Anyways, as I entered a web of conversation that he was also heavily engaged into, I asked him what his number one piece of advice is for me.

Knowing I was a New Yorker living in Alabama, aspiring to make an entrepreneurial impact [from previous interaction we had that night], he told me to write down one new sentence of my ongoing story (my life esssentially), each day when I woke up… FOREVER.

I’m not going to sit here and act like I’ve followed his advice radically, but I have done it enough that I can always tell my story in an updated manner. Using my journal and my memory, I’ve been able to really create a solid tool in my story.

My story has helped me do a lot socially and in business, which in turn, builds my story even further! It’s an incredible notion that everyone should follow!

Another thing my story has done for me, is to make me more comfortable with accepting the happenings I may not like, because I know they are just another part of… you guessed it, MY STORY.

For me, my story is just another phrase for “God’s Plan.” His sovereignty over me and my path in life, is so evident, whenever I reflect on my story.

Go out and make your story interesting. Be diverse. Stay open to new ideas, activities, groups of friends, careers, etc.

Study both ends of the spectrum in every realm of your life.

It’s amazing what just one degree of change today can mean for your life, just a couple years from now.

Robert McKee, THE Storytelling Guru, has THE TOP workshop out there on this topic, while also accomplishing a career as an award winning screenwriter.

Check out some thoughts he has on story in this video and I hope to hear your story next time we meet!

PS – If you don’t know my full story, feel free to pick through a menu of content about me, by CLICKING HERE.


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