In honor of my mother’s birthday, here is a re-post of the video that I made for her funeral that took place in June 2012.

She always asked me to promise that I’d never forget her, and of course, I never will.

She impacted me more than any son could ask from his/her mother.

I post this today, very thankful to the Lord God above, for the blessing he gave me in Maryann Cavale.


One thought on “I’ll Never Forget Her..

  1. Jim , I am honored to know your mother through this short clip. I don’t need to meet to her to know what kind of woman and mother she was. She poured into a son that is making her proud and continuing her incredible legacy of compassion and impact! She would say well Done Jim CavaIe now keep fighting the good fight because your time will be short as well! I also lost my dad 7 years ago and i could have said the very same things about him…my hero, best friend and the one who invested so much into me! I miss him, and I know you miss your mom so much! That deep in your gut feeling doesn’t go away and for that i am thankful…for the longing to see them again will keep us holding loosely to this earth and longing for our time to sit wit them around the banquet table as we all perfectly worship our Savior and King. Until that day lets push to usher in the King’s return so we can join them in paradise!

    Honored to be in the trenches with you honoring their legacy!

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