Brian Phillips has been a friend for 11 years now.

He is actually one of the first guys I met, when I arrived from Syracuse, on a plane down to Birmingham, this weekend back in 2002!

He’s taught me many valuable lessons and poured into me to help me become the leader I am today as a father, husband and entrepreneur.

As I prepare to do a TED talk next March, on the oh so important topic of TIME, and the fact that it is no doubt the number one resource we have… I decided to start interviewing men and women around me, who have very unique and influential perspectives on this topic.

The best place for me to start, is with Brian.



2 thoughts on “Are YOU Spending Your Time OR Are YOU Investing Your Time?

  1. castro jorge says:

    Thanks Jim, really interest, make me think a lot,

    Jorge Castro   Cantina Tortilla Grill 2901 Second Ave. South Suite 110 Birmingham, AL 35233 (phone)205.323.6980 (fax)205.323.6968


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