You hear it all the time… “I want to change the world!”

But is there a formula behind it? How can you truly make a lasting impact? How can you leave a legacy, if you will, that will change things for others who live on this earth far after you’re gone?

This month’s essay quickly went from a written piece to a video diary. I simply couldn’t capture my thoughts as good in text, as I felt I would be able to on camera.

It’s the first in a series of essays and videos, coming your way in the next few months, on the topic of TIME. It is this topic that will be the centerpiece for my TEDxBirmingham in March 2014, when I am the final speaker at this day long event that will take place at the Alys Stephens Center, on the campus of the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB).

There are several components that make up the beginnings of the formula I share in this video.

Establishing YOUR purpose (Pu) – your ultimate reason for being here on earth, something that you can’t actually finish yourself, but what you hope to do that can live on after you’re long gone.

Creating a vision toward YOUR purpose (Vi) – what has to happen in the next years to come, to be closer toward your purpose before you leave this earth.

YOUR values (Va)  – these are non-negotiables that are at the heartbeat of who you are.

Setting YOUR goals (Go) – without the above, you cannot set goals within the context of what you actually want your life to stand for.

VARIABLE #1: PEOPLE (Pe) – who are you going to make an impact on, through your relationship with them? The more who you affect with your purpose, the more lasting effects you leave on this earth after you’re gone.

VARIBALE #2: TIME (Ti) – neither of us are promised tomorrow, let alone the 80 or so years we all expect to live on this earth. Thus, how can we steward the time we are given, in the wisest way possible?

The formula for maximum INTENTIONALITY is;

(Pu+Vi+Va+Go)Pe / Ti


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