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Goal Setting… At Your Fingertips!

My goal setting journey continued to develop in my late 20s, and now at 31 years old, I feel more equipped in 2014, than ever before, to crush my goals and have a productive year in each role that God has blessed me with.

That being said, I decided to create a .pdf, which you will see below, that is essentially a screenshot of my Evernote Goal Setting system, which contains the formula I am utilizing to be as intentional as possible this year.

Using the Evernote tool, I have created a notebook entitled “Roles & Goals”, with sub-notebook tabs for each role in my life – “Son of God”, “Husband & Father”, “Entrepreneur & Leader”, and “Friend”. From there, I created a note for each goal within that role, that I can update on a regular basis, as I work toward achieving it!

In addition to continuously updating the note (goal) within the sub-notebook (role), I can also create tags to organize these notes (goals) in many different ways, amongst the other notes within my Evernote account.

What might be the best part of this, is the fact that I can access it at my fingertips, anytime I want… Because it is on my iPhone via the Evernote iPhone app. Whether I update these notes (goals) on my phone or my laptop computer, it’s live and sync’d.

This is my plan for 2014, which I felt fine sharing with you. There are a few things blacked out, because of its private nature, but for the most part, you can see where my head is at, and relate in ways that will hopefully help you in your 2014 planning and achievement.

With Success In Mind,

Jim 🙂

Evernote Goals


2 thoughts on “Goal Setting… At Your Fingertips!

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  2. This is an awesome way to keep up with your goal planning. I have really struggled with keeping my goals in front of me and constantly updating them to make sure I was on track. Evernote is such a powerful tool that I too often forget about.

    Thanks for sharing your system! I am setting up my goals in Evernote today!

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