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Failing To Succeed

In my Goal Setting Workshop that I hosted for 60 Iron Tribe athletes from our five local Birmingham gyms, I taught a formula to review the previous year to help set a plan for the best year ahead that you can envision.

Reviewing the previous year is where you have to begin, though. List at least five or more Accomplishments from the previous year and then list five or more Lessons Learned from the previous year.

The key is to ALWAYS start with Accomplishments and really take the time to name at least five – you’ll be amazed at what you’ve forgot you’ve done. From there, you’ve surely learned things in the previous year, that will only make you wiser for the year ahead.

So what are YOUR Accomplishments and Lessons Learned from 2014?

OK. I’ll start… Here are 7 of my Accomplishments and 7 of my Lessons Learned;

  1. Completed 100 Day Strength Program
  2. Joined Aspire Movement Board / Began Mentoring Sixth Grade Boy
  3. 30+ Date Nights w. my wife Yazmin / 3 Concert Trips w. Yazmin (ALONE 🙂 )
  4. My 12 year old, Savanah, averaged 4 A’s & 1 B+ in fifth grade and continues this in sixth grade.
  5. Iron Tribe was Inc. 5000 #602
  6. Three Family Vacations (NY/Adirondacks + Charleston/Beach)
  7. Published my first book (No B.S. Brand Building) with Entrepreneur Press

*Reached 11 goals from 2014 (out of 31 = 35%)

Lessons Learned
  1. Being the leader (husband/father) of a wife with three kids is very hard – I am not above this.
  2. My time with my Iron Tribe brand, is most valuable if I lead then do, NOT do first.
  3. If I am poor steward of my gifts and/or money, I can undermine any of my successes.
  4. You cannot plan everything, nor can you equate all success on planned items – sometimes you have to let go.
  5. My faith is my only hope – when left alone and not pursuing Him daily, I am hopeless.
  6. Even when I think I am being a good leader of my house, I might not be doing so in the eyes of my wife and kids.
  7. I cannot afford to put myself in tempting environments where I am simply relying on my own self-control.

In this Goal Setting Workshop video, I share my entire Goal Setting Formula and The Fuel source for which you can stick with it.

This is the Goal Setting Exercise that goes along with the video, should you want to completely review 2014 and set your 2015 Annual Plan per the formula I taught – Click Here to Download – It contains a special bonus piece on The Fuel behind your Formula, which will help you stick with your plan for 2015!


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