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Four Months Into 2015 – We Gotta Keep Up That Mo!


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my short stint here on this amazing planet, it’s the fact that the default state of my human psyche is doubt, fear of failure and avoidance of regret. We regret our mistakes twice as much as we relish successes.

This message is a chance to speak out to anyone else who wants to battle that default state with some serious determination to succeed!

I’ve also learned that, to achieve goals, set productive habits and ultimately to reach the dreams we’ve set out to conquer, there must be a building of momentum or “MO” as we called in the dugout whenever we wanted to get a rally going to comeback and beat our opponent. MO can be the catalyst to your success, but it could also work against you, as a deterrent that overwhelms you to the point where you decide not to take action.

This message is prepared to provide a plan to get you out of your seat, to take massive action in combating any negative MO, to redirect it into a positive flow that will get you climbing the mountain to reach the summit of dreams you may have not even defined as of yet!

Earlier this week, I was walking into my office to crush another awesome day of creating fitness communities that change lives and I looked down at my iPhone (I tend to do that a lot :)). I was SHOCKED! It wasn’t the time that surprised me, but the date – we are already four months into another calendar year! That’s one sixth of the year; GONE.

But is it really “GONE”? Or have you and I invested these first two months of days into actions that will produce fruit in our personal lives, professional careers and spiritual echos into eternity??? Surely we both have individually done this with the first two months of 2015!

When I realized the fact that one sixth of 2015 is gone,  it reminded me to do a monthly I exercise that I have found essential for me to celebrate wins and learn from my mistakes. I want you to try it to!

Simply spend 30 minutes writing in your journal, on a piece of paper or, if you’re like me, in your Evernote app on your iPhone.

FIRST, list out your Accomplishments from the past month. THEN, list the lessons you have learned over the past month.

Finish the exercise by answering this question; In what ways are you progressing toward your priorities for 2015 and which goals have you already achieved thus far?

For those of you that have set goals for this year, I highly recommend that you take the 30 minutes it will take to reflect this way monthly – it will only remind you of what you have already accomplished or still need to, while also reinforcing some of the things you’ve learned in your experiences this year.

However, if you have not set goals, there are no worries… My goal setting workshop that I hosted earlier this year for a group of Iron Tribe athletes at our Downtown Birmingham gym, will take you through the process of setting Annual Priorities, Quarterly Tops and Monthly Goals.


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