Hustle, Mentors

My Friend From Central New York – The New SEC Commissioner

Greg Sankey and I met about three years ago at our Iron Tribe 280 gym in East Birmingham.

Since then, I’ve gotten to know him pretty well, not only through Iron Tribe, but also through our Church at Brook Hills.

Greg has character, integrity and an overall work ethic unlike almost anyone I’ve ever been around.

On top of our Iron Tribe and Brook Hills synergies, Greg is also from Central New York, growing up in the Auburn area of Upstate NY and even beginning his career as the Athletic Director at Division I Colgate University.

So, after several early morning coffees and workouts together, over the past few years, where he mentioned he might have a shot at becoming the head guy for the most powerful college sports conference in America… It was a proud moment when I saw that become true.

Here is my sit-down with Iron Tribe athlete, Brook Hills church member, Upstate New Yorker, and the new commissioner of The SEC… Mr. Greg Sankey.


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