Habits, Seven Takeaways

Weekly Seven – 12.20.15

1. My Freshest Blog… Be/Feel More Productive By Scripting Your Day 

Click Here –> http://jimcavale.me/2015/12/20/abctaskmgmt/

I tackle the tactical topic of task and project management, with this blog that illustrates my Evernote, cloud-based task/project management system in a step-by-step fashion.

2. Powerful Biblical Perspective… Four Truths About God’s Provision 

Click Here –> http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/four-truths-about-god-s-provision

This is a great piece from John Piper’s content platform, Desiring God, regarding the four truths that we need not forget, especially in this season where we aspire for so much more, yet God has given us so much already. How can we be thankful for what we’ve been blessed with and still yearn for more? This piece addresses that and much more.

3. Music That Will Never Fade… The Ultimate Frank Sinatra Collection

Click Here –> https://open.spotify.com/album/7gmak9ZGm10y4PtZa9SBQn

I don’t care what type of music you prefer. America came up on the backbone of guys like Frank and you need to get into it, if you haven’t yet! This guy has one of the best voices of all-time and his music will make you feel happy and inspire you at the same time.

4. The Power of Being a Connector… Jamie Foxx on The Tim Ferriss Show 

Click Here –> http://fourhourworkweek.com/2015/12/06/jamie-foxx/

What a podcast. What a story. Jamie is a true talent, who made his bones networking and leveraging his connections to get his shot as a comedian, then as an actor and then as a musician. You can learn so much from his story and utilize it in your own life, as a connector trying to advance your influence.

5a. World Perspective… Elon Musk’s Plan To Save The World 

Click Here –> onforb.es/1I7RSa2 

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, whether you’re big on Global Warming or not, please have an open mind and understand this guy is truly not a politician but is obsessed with advancing the human race. Awesome stuff, here.

5b. On Building Community… Why Zappos Operates More Like a City and Less Like a Corporation 

Click Here –> bit.ly/1lXGwf6 

Thinking this way with your business and/or organization, will allow you to build a community based on relationships and not just a transactional business.

6. I’m Reading… La Storia Italia

Download Here –> http://www.amazon.com/La-Storia-Centuries-American-Experience/dp/0060924411

Every nationality has their story of coming to America. All of them are stories of conflict overcome, risk with reward, and so much more. This book has given me a great deal of perspective on the Italian-American trek to the U.S., over a timeline of five generations.

7. Sports Inspiration… A Football Life on The NFL Network – Marshall Faulk (Wednesday 12/23 at 7p ET), Kenny Stabler (Friday 12/25 at 8p ET) and Kurt Warner (Monday 12/28 at 830p ET)

Each of these stories is inspiring, however, Kurt Warner’s is one that I’ll never ever forget. The guy had every reason to quit before he even got his first legitimate shot in the NFL, but he didn’t. The rest is history. He is a Hall of Famer, MVP and Super Bowl champ.


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