Habits, Seven Takeaways

Weekly Seven – 12.28.15

1. In my freshest blog, you can checkout my exclusive podcast interview with Robb Wolf, the thought leader behind the Paleolithic Nutrition revolution that has swept our nation over the past decade.

What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)? You will be motivated by Robb’s story of becoming a nutritional evangelist, while learning more about the basis of his fitness and nutritional philosophies, so that you can apply them in your own life.

2. From scripture, listen to the Christmas Eve sermon from my pastor, Matt Mason, who delivered a brief yet extremely contextual sermon on the entire Old Testament prequel that set the stage for Jesus Christ to be born on this earth.

WIIFM? You’ll get incredible perspective to add to the gift we all received on Christmas and why it was necessary that God sent His son in the fashion He did.

3. Some chill music to tune into, with this track from SG Lewis.

WIIFM? Get yourself in the zone to conquer all, with SG’s amazing sound combined with his original voice.

4. Listen to my good friend and CEO of H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Markets, Sean Kelly, on his featured interview with Entrepreneur On Fire.

WIIFM? Sean’s story is one of immense inspiration and offers guidance to leaders looking to find their groove and grow their company or team to new heights. Sean will provide some great advice on how to start your day, manage your team and ultimately reach your max potential.

5. Read this article from FOX Baseball Analyst Ken Rosenthal, on why he is giving Hall of Fame votes to guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens this year, despite the fact that they used PEDs.

WIIFM? Insight on just how unsure we are on how level [or not] the playing field was in Major League Baseball in the late 90s and early 2000s.

6. Read The Big Short.

WIIFM? It will make the move even better. See it!

7. Watch “Chasing Tyson” on ESPN’s 30 For 30 Series.

WIIFM? Learn the true sports story of Evander Holyfield. A story of faith in God and perseverance over the American sports fan community, who never believed in his talent until a decade later when he finally gets his shot against the villain they loved, in Mike Tyson.


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