Habits, Seven Takeaways

Weekly Seven – January 4th


Watch the CNN Films presentation of its #SteveJobsDoc. Here is an article to give you more perspective, but whether you are one of those people who has not read Jobs’ bio or you have, this documentary goes beyond anything I’ve seen in showing you real footage and interviews with everyone involved in the movement that has us using the devices we are using today.

WIIFM? The motivating knowledge of what it took to make the computer a personal computer, will inspire you in the industry you’re in, to think different and innovate more than you do today. I am convinced of this.

Watch the new season of The Profit on CNBC starting Tuesday, January 5th. This show features the genius, Marcus Lemonis, who visits businesses and for some, invests as a managing partner to fix their bottom line.

WIIFM? Watch real world examples of businesses in a plethora of different industries, get evaluated and [for some] transformed by three categories of initiatives that Lemonis ensures he focuses on; People, Process and Product. And yes, you can guarantee that nothing is more important than People.

Read an old blog of mine, which features a podcast interview on the topic of goal setting and productivity with Rory Vaden, best-selling author of Take The Stairs and his newest work Procrastinate On Purpose.

WIIFM? This is a great piece to listen to as you prepare your plan for 2016. You’ll learn tips you can apply to execute your goals and end the year ahead of where you are now!

Read this article from Bill Murphy, Jr., of Inc. Magazine, about an Uber driver who built a $2B company.

WIIFM? Doing research and asking questions is a must-do, for those who want to grow. This story shows the humility of a guy who has built something quite big, to become a part-time Uber driver for research, something I’ve already considered myself!

Read David Platt’s blog on Three Soul-Critical Reasons to Read the Bible, which the guys at Multiply shared this past weak from David’ Radical.net blog.

WIIFM? More purpose for all of us when it comes to why we should take the time to read the word and know it for ourselves.

Listen to EntreLeadership’s 2015 Year-In-Review podcast.

Watch the NFL Playoffs starting Saturday, January 9th.


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