My TribeCast Interview w. A Real Iron Tribe Athlete Story – Anthony Jones

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THIS MONTH ON TRIBECast we’re introducing a new format moving forward in 2016, giving you a sneak peak at a brand new year long campaign you won’t want to miss out on, and interviewing an ITF Downtown NOLA athlete with a phenomenal story.

With this new format, we’ll begin releasing two episodes a month. The first episode of the month will be be an interview with an ITF athlete; someone who has an incredible success story and wants to share their success as a means to inspire, encourage, and motivate the ITF communities across the country. This is an opportunity to connect our 40+ locations and we’re excited to introduce this as a staple of the TribeCast brand.

Show notes:
  • New to the podcast: IronTribe Athlete stories.
  • The 2016 Athlete of the Year Campaign is about to go live! Once released on social media, submit your story for ITF Athlete of the Year 2016.
  • Today we have Anthony Jones from ITF Downtown Nola, talking about his journey to Iron Tribe Fitness.
  • He tells the amazing story of how ITF came to his aid after a car accident which led him to be a founding member athlete at the Downtown Nola gym.
  • Anthony transformed his life from never having worked out to a founding member athlete.
  • Anthony details how his work as a lab owner has showed him the invaluable impact ITF has had on his health and wellbeing.
  • Listen this week as Anthony inspires not just to go through the motions but to suck all of the life out of living.
  • Remember to tune in at the end of the month for Part 2 of our interview with Robb Wolf. For Part 1, click here!

Jim Speaking On Stage

About Jim Cavale:
As Iron Tribe’s President, Jim’s focus is scaling the Iron Tribe Fitness athlete experience throughout all of its gym markets, leading each of his department Vice Presidents and Franchisees to innovate new growth strategies and engage their respective teams to achieve the brand’s purpose of creating fitness communities that change lives!


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