Seven Takeaways

Seven Takeaways – January 2016


Benjamin Watson, the TE for the New Orleans Saints, turned a viral Facebook post about the Ferguson verdict, into a book called Under Our Skin. This book is so well-written, with such careful thought, perspective and weaving of the truth that lies in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that I am going to buy lots of copies and start making sure every leader I know has one. Every American needs to read this book. I’ll be writing a separate blog to review this book, later this month.

You can learn more about the book and buy it here.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks here, about a social media automation app I personally use, called IFTTT (If That Then This), along with addressing his thoughts on owning a franchise business and even answers a question from Shark Tanks, Daymond John about his new book’s topic “The Power of Broke.” 

Then, in this other Gary V video, he addresses the app Snapchat and reminds us that he’s been saying its going to be a valuable tool for businesses back in 2013, as it now is becoming a reality here in 2016.

Nick Waterhouse has a song called “High Tiding” that actually played in the credits of a new show I’ve been checking out called Billions. The show is not for the faint of heart, but is backed by lots of research about the investment banking world, which I am oh-so-curious about. The song is a bluesy soft-rock rendition that’s a good one to put on repeat while working on an intense project at the office.

Speaking of Billions… Kevin Plank is betting $1B (yes, One Billion Dollars) on fitness and nutrition wearable tech and tech databases. Inc. Magazine wrote a great piece on this that I highly recommend everyone reads for, if nothing else, perspective on the fact that even if you’re a $4B company like Under Armour, you always have to look ahead to see what’s next and be ready to innovate faster than anyone can copy you. In this case, Under Armour still has a rabbit it is chasing called Nike who will do $30B in sales.

Afshin Ziafat of Providence Church in Frisco, Texas (a church plant of Matt Chandler’s Village Church in Dallas), delivered a sermon that everyone needs to listen to; at least I did.

Using Ephesians Ch. 2, which just so happens to be exactly the chapter I’m leading my Brook Hills Couples Small Group through right now, Afshin calls us to Remember the calling from Paul to Ephesus (and several other callings essentially from Christ through his disciples), to Love our fellow man unconditionally (especially those who are different or don’t love us because of race, religion, etc.), by Going with intent to the places locally and/or globally where they are. When you couple this message with the fact that Afshin is an Iranian guy who came here and came to Christ through an amazing story of God’s grace, and well, you will remember this message for quite some time – at least I know I will.


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